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心情不好没胃口 神奇应用根据表情推荐食谱【im体育足彩】

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  本文摘要:A new app which monitors facial expressions to assess mood and then suggests the perfect food to lift the spirits, or quell anxiety, has been developed by scientists at Oxford University.牛津大学的科学家们近日研发出有一款新的应用于,它能通过检测面部表情辨别你的心情,进而为你引荐提振精神或平


A new app which monitors facial expressions to assess mood and then suggests the perfect food to lift the spirits, or quell anxiety, has been developed by scientists at Oxford University.牛津大学的科学家们近日研发出有一款新的应用于,它能通过检测面部表情辨别你的心情,进而为你引荐提振精神或平息情绪的最佳食物。The new app scans the face for signs of emotions, such as downturned lips and eyes and frown lines, and can often pick up on hidden feelings that a person may be ignoring.这款新的应用于通过扫瞄面部表情提供情绪特征,比如弯曲的嘴角、眼睛、眉间皱纹等,捕猎人们有可能忽视的隐蔽情绪。

Face mapping can provide a more accurate and objective assessment of a persons mood or emotional state than they can, said Prof Spence.史彭斯称之为:“比起于你自己,表情图谱能对你的心情或情绪状态作出更为精确、客观的评估。”Often people are not able to say how they are feeling or just dont feel they want to. After all, we might know that we are in a bad mood, but not know why.“人们往往无法传达自己的感觉,或者只是想传达。因为我们有可能告诉自己心情很差,但是却没察觉到原因。”There is a growing body of evidence that demonstrates that your mood has a significant impact on your taste and smell - it can deaden or liven the effect of both - a reverse of this is also believed to be true, that food can have a number of affects on your mood.“更加多的证据指出,情绪对人的味觉和嗅觉有相当大影响,它有可能诱导或性刺激味觉和嗅觉反应。


反之,食物也能对人的情绪产生一定影响。”He said that mood and emotion can affect the sensory discriminatory aspects of tasting which is why people often stop eating following a relationship break-up or when they are grieving because food simply does not taste as good as during happier times.史彭斯回应,情绪可以让人们“享用到的感觉产生区别”,人在恋情或深感哀伤时往往吃东西,就是因为这时候食物辄一起不像心情好时那么爱吃。This is at the very cutting edge of what technology and science can do but in the future it is likely to become much more the norm, he added.史彭斯称之为,“情绪图谱现在还是尖端科技,但是未来它将显得十分普及。

”The app can detect anger, disgust, fear, surprise, sadness and joy and makes menu suggestions according to what it finds. For example, an angry face suggests that a person is stressed and so would benefit from calming foods, such as dark chocolate and nuts which contain magnesium.该应用程序可以检测到气愤、反感、不安、惊艳、哀伤和喜乐等情绪,并根据检测结果引荐菜谱。比如,表情气愤解释一个人有压力,因此合适使人镇静剂的食物,比如所含镁元素的黑巧克力、坚果。In contrast, people who are excited may benefit from blood sugar regulating foods such as whole grains and legumes.忽略,心情兴奋的人有可能适合不吃调节血糖的食物,比如全麦食品和豆类食品。


Nutritionist Ruth Tongue, said: Not only do our moods affect the foods we choose to eat, but the foods we eat can in turn help us to feel happier, energised, relaxed, focused or fired up and ready for the day.营养学家鲁斯.唐称:“情绪能影响我们的饮食自由选择,我们不吃的食物也能反过来让自己更加幸福、精力充沛、心情放开、精神集中于、激情宛如,让我们准备好庆贺每一天。Its important to recognise the relationship between the foods we eat and our moods so that we can ensure that were looking after not only our physical, but also our emotional wellbeing.“关键要认识到我们不吃的食物和情绪之间的关系,这样之后可以保证自己的生理和心理健康。”Graham Corfield, UK Managing Director of Just Eat added: We know that mood plays a part in what we choose to eat, so innovations like Emotion-Analysis-Technology, while fun, also serve a real purpose. Just Eat英国区总经理格雷厄姆.科菲尔德说道:“情绪影响我们对食物的自由选择,所以像情绪分析这样的科技创新不仅有意思,而且有实用价值。

”Ultimately we want people be thinking about food and the impact it can have on their daily life.“我们的显然目的是让人们关心食物及其对日常生活的影响。



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